Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Jump Off

Welcome to The Mix Lab Podcast & Blog brought to you by The Audioholics! Featuring JFresh One, Jnx The Kemist, Honey Sunshine & Madd Scribz, we represent REAL Hip-Hop Culture. Our objective for this Blog & Podcast is to bring the masses true elements of Hip-Hop. When we say REAL Hip-Hop we mean Deejaying, Emceeing, B-Boying, & Graffiti. We are DJ's, Audio Engineers, Graffiti Artists, Vocalist, Lyricists, and tre Hip-Hop Heads. Sorry we do not support majority of the garbage in "commercial mainstream rap" (ex: NO bling, cash, rims, hoes, murder, etc.).

So keep tuning in as we continue to grow with this new site. Any feedback is appreciated, of course no negative nonsense. Please feel free to comment, download, listen, subscribe, view profiles & links, and spread the word. In advance, we thank you for your support on our movement to bring REAL HIP-HOP!