Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yo what up, this is JFresh One from the Audioholics. I just wanted to inform you all that we are now in progress! Yes, indeed. We here at The Mix Lab will be posting up new articles and more podcasts. In the coming future The Mix Lab will feature more REAL Hip-Hop music and it's true roots, as well as some other mixes. Yes we will touch some other genres of music, but keeping it relative and with true soul. For example, Old School Jams, R&B, Soul and such. So keep tuned in for updates later on as we grow. As for the mean time, we will always remain focus on the REAL Hip-Hop Culture. You are more than welcome to subscribe to us, share this site with your friends, download podcasts, and order mixtapes from us. Remember to support REAL Hip-Hop and it's true elements to its purest form. God Bless. Peace.

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