Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backspin' To The Future - Old School Hip-Hop at LabJamz.com

LabJamz Episode #3 is mixed and spinned by the original DJ JFresh-One. On this podcast we got some classic jams from The Mix Lab and formulated to an Old School vibe. That's gonna be our focus for LabJamz now, strait out classics and old school flavor that's been missin' nowadays! Of course we still gonna represent our main podcast over at themixlab.net, but we wanna officially announce that LabJamz.com is our throwback podcast featuring Old School Hip-Hop and R&B classics. We got plenty more to come so relax and enjoy this starter mix. "Backspin' To The Future"

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Visit www.LabJamz.com or labjamz.podomatic.com

Peace and God Bless!

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