Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEW EPISODE! #24 - The Reprint (Progressive Jay-Z) by DJ JFresh-One

Welcome back to The Mix Lab! DJ JFresh-One (myself) is droppin’ another new mixtape titled “The Reprint (Progressive Jay-Z)” and it will be available soon for sale as a digital download or CD. For now its available as a podcast. Although it will be as a one track mix, you will definitely enjoy this. So prepare your ears for some quality and get set to download.

Here we got a mix of all Jay-Z. The concept JFresh is aiming at is to bring out the true hip-hop in Jigga Man. Throwin’ in classics, rarities, mash-ups, and a bunch of remixes from famous DJs & producers. Since the “Blueprint” series can’t seem to get any better, its time to take things back to the lab and make a REPRINT!

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Enjoy and God Bless!

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