Sunday, September 5, 2010

THEMIXLAB Podcast #28 - Now It All Makes Sense (Common Mixtape)

It’s finally here! Yes, everyone, DJ JFresh-One drops another mixtape of TRUE Hip-Hop! Not only it’s a mixtape but also as a new episode to The Mix Lab Podcast. In this special edition, all the material is based on the legendary & real Hip-Hop MC, Common Sense! It’s a little more than just a collection or some greatest hits compilation. This is a DJ art form a.k.a. mixtape with a grip of classic tracks, previous releases, rarities, and remixes.

This would also be released as a tracked mixtape for sale & download. *For real this time, so hang tight! For the meantime, here’s a lower bit-rate mp3 podcast that’s for FREE! And for more episodes & mixes…subscribe or download for free at or on iTunes.

Enjoy & God Bless!

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