Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still Razor Sharp [mixtape] - Episode #72

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This is our rawest episode so far! For our 72nd installment pay tribute to one of the best hip-hop group of all time...the Wu-Tang Clan! This mixtape, known as Still Razor Sharp, displays just a fraction of the Wu-Tang collection. Enjoy over an hour worth of bangers, solo singles, and many other records, all crafted together by DJ JFresh-one. If you haven't done so, we encourage you all to support the Wu-Tang Clan and each of the members by purchasing their music. We also like to give much respect and thanks to the Wu family... The RZA, Gza, Ol' Dirty Bastard (R.I.P), Raekwon The Chef, U-god, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa aka Killa Priest, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Cappadonna.

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01. Intro
02. For Heaven's Sake (Wu-Tang)
03. Only The Rugged Survive (Wu-Tang feat. Rza)
04. The Glide (Method Man feat. Raekwon & LA The Darkman)
05. Shame On A N***a (Wu-Tang)
06. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Ol' Dirty Bastard)
07. Ya'll Been Warned (Wu-Tang)
08. Wu Banga Remix (Wu-Tang)
09. Protect Ya Neck (Wu-Tang)
10. Wu-Tang Cream Team Line-Up (Raekwon w/ Harlem Hoodz, Inspektah Deck, Method Man & Killah Sin)
11. The MGM (Wu-Tang)
12. Da N Remix (Wu-Tang)
13. C.R.E.A.M. (Wu-Tang)
14. Wu Wear (Wu-Tang)
15. It's Yourz (Wu-Tang)
16. Do You Really (Wu-Tang)
17. SKIT - Hip Hop Newsbreak (Dave Chappelle)
18. M.E.T.H.O.D. Man (Wu-Tang)
19. Protect Ya Neck...The Jump Off (Wu-Tang)
20. Cherchez Laghost (Ghostface Killah feat. U-god)
21. Sucker MCs (Wu-Tang)
22. Triumph (Wu-Tang)
23. Reunited (Wu-Tang)
24. Can It Be All So Simple (Wu-Tang)
25. U Can't Stop Me Now (RZA feat. Inspectah Deck)
26. Shadowboxin' (GZA feat. Method Man)
27. Rushing Elephants (Wu-Tang)
28. Pencil (GZA feat. Masta Killa & RZA)
29. REC Room (Inspectah Deck)
30. Da Mystery Of Chessboxing (Wu-Tang)
31. Be Easy (Ghostface Killah)
32. Gravel Pit (Wu-Tang)
33. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit (Wu-Tang)

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