Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Episodes #225 & #226: Level One Mixtape (Side A & Side B)

Enjoy this free “Level One Arcade” themed mixtape session as if it was back in the day! Even in the midst of a pandemic, Old School tunes still live on and makes people happy. This 2-part mix is full of nostalgia to make you reminisce the good ol’ days. In both parts, Side A & Side B, features jams from the 80s & 90s…all mixed by yours truly, DJ Fresh Vince (Level 1's First & Original DJ). Also, if you get a chance, make a trip to Downtown Gilbert, AZ and check out the Retro Arcade Bar over at Level One. The Level 1 crew will hook you up with some awesome drinks & tokens! Stay safe out there and enjoy…peace!

Side A:

Side B:

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