Friday, September 4, 2009

Episode #17 - DJ JFresh-One "Beats, Rhymes & Donuts" (a tribute mixtape to J Dilla)

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Finally, here is Episode #17 in full effect! It is also a special treat for all you that enjoy the sounds of J Dilla. Why you may ask, because this episode is also a NEW mixtape that I, DJ JFresh-One, created recently. This mix is a tribute to the very talented Jay Dee aka J Dilla (R.I.P.). I titled this mixtape as “Beats, Rhymes & Donuts”. It’s over an hour long with a variety of selected tracks that were produced or performed by J Dilla. I also included remixes that were inspired from Dilla and threw in some of my own special blends.

I don’t really expect much outta this mix, because it’s just something I wanted to put together in dedication to Dilla’s work and influence. Plus, it’s a mix for all of us hip-hop fans to enjoy. It was tough to select tracks out of Dilla’s massive library, but I had to drop in a certain amount in a small timeframe.

Listen to it with pleasure in your iPod, on your box, or just cruise to it in your ride!
I will be loading up a special download soon for those that request a mixtape with songs individually tracked and in higher sound quality. For now, here it is as a podcast episode.

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Ok, turn up the volume and enjoy your Donuts! Peace and God Bless.

Track List for "Beats, Rhymes & Donuts":
  1. Intro by DJ JFresh-One (w/ Dilla beat)
  2. Slum Village – Fall in Love
  3. Smooth Jazz Sessions - Dooinit (Jazz Band Version)
  4. Common – Dooinit
  5. J Dilla – KJay and We Out
  6. Jaylib – The Red
  7. Jay-Z & J Dilla – PSA (JFresh-One Remix)
  8. J Dilla – Time: The Donut Of The Heart
  9. The Roots – Can’t Stop This
  10. The Roots – J Dilla Interlude
  11. De La Soul feat Mos Def – Stakes is High (Remix)
  12. Janet Jackson feat Q-Tip – Got ‘Til It’s Gone
  13. A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
  14. Common – The Light
  15. J Dilla – Won’t Do
  16. Isbjerg –Walkonit (Danish Remix)
  17. J Dilla – Walkonit
  18. SKIT – Let’s Be Best Friends
  19. J Dilla – Y’all Ain’t Ready
  20. Illa J – Are U Listenin’
  21. A Tribe Called Quest feat Faith Evans – Stressed Out
  22. Slum Village – Players
  23. Original Sample - Marvin Gaye’s God Is Love (B Side)
  24. Common – Love Is
  25. Michael Jackson – HIStory (J Dilla Remix)
  26. J Dilla – Trashy
  27. SKIT – It Wasn’t Ecstasy! (Hangover)
  28. Phil Collins – In The Air (DJ House Shoes Remix)
  29. SKIT – Mike Tyson (Hangover)
  30. J Dilla feat Q-Tip & Talib Kweli – Lightworking
  31. Jaylib – Starz
  32. J Dilla – Nothing Like This
  33. J Dilla feat Common – E=MC2
  34. J Dilla – Stepson of the Clapper
  35. SKIT – Biggie Smalls is the Name
  36. Biggie & Dilla – Things Done Changed (JFresh-One Remix)
  37. Madlib – Dirty Hop (A Tribute to J Dilla)
  38. Outro by DJ JFresh-One (w/ Madlib track)

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